Introducing “The Prince and Timberance” an African-American Fairy Tale




This is not a fable or folktale. It is not a book of poems or a legend of lore. “The Prince and Timberance” is an enchanting fairy tale set in a magnificent African kingdom of long, long ago.

The tale begins with a handsome prince whose life is tragically interrupted by a sorcerer’s evil daughter. Forced to leave his beloved kingdom, the prince’s life will be changed forever. As the story unfolds you will meet Timberance–a kind and beautiful African-American maiden. Fate will bring them together and turn tragedy into triumph.

Whether you read by candle light, or starlight, or a lamp on a nightstand turned low, it matters not. You are about to go on an unforgettable and wondrous journey.

“The Prince and Timberance” can be purchased here.

Many years, and dreams, have brought us to this moment…

A moment where mother and daughter team up to bring a story written long ago, now in published form, to the public.

Many people still believe in the power of imagination,  the gift of storytelling, and the hallmarks of children’s literature-which, yes, includes fairy tales. Many who believe in the magic of fairy tales also believe that the only way to enjoy them is to cling to the epic stories of the past, as that is the time when all great fairy tales were written…

Snow White.

Sleeping Beauty.


Beauty and the Beast.

There stands a long list of inspiring, magical stories that has gripped the hearts of millions. Universal stories that transcend culture, time, and distance. And now, 2013′s newest addition to the genre…

The Prince and Timberance.

An African-American fairy tale. Written in 1993 by Ramona Omer, and printed in book form in 2012. The story has had a long journey to reach where it is today, a story that can be easily accessible and enjoyed by readers young and old. You can read excerpts and purchase the actual book, on Amazon and at it’s main home of I also will feature excerpts on this blog in the near future.

This blog will be a welcoming room for readers who know, come to know, and love The Prince and Timberance.  This will be a place where supporters can follow my mother and I on our journey to make our dreams come true-dreams of giving the world a wonderfully epic tale, which will fill a very real void in the world of representation and make believe. A fairy tale with a noble and handsome African prince and a beautiful maiden also of African descent;  spanning from an enchanted and thriving kingdom to  a quaint village; as well as a world where the strongest of magic is conjured, and the most mischievous of fairies reside. And of course, where only the magic of the truest love can undo the works of a powerful villain and set the world right again.

This blog is a platform to introduce you to the book, it’s author (my mother), and the many, many (almost infinite) dreams two women harbor for taking an inspired story and making their dreams come true. Dreams that don’t end simply with translating it to book form, but also sharing it with the world and seeing what the world makes of it!

While is mostly the creation of my crafty (and new to technology) mother, this blog will be written by me-Najat, her youngest daughter. It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to a place that connects you to the story The Prince and Timberance, where you can share in our dreams, and follow the enchanted journey of a story from conception to distribution.

Learn more about the book The Prince and Timberance, read excerpts, and purchase on Amazon.

Thank you for reading my first ever blog post, and please come back to get to know more about  me, my mother, and the enchanted journey of getting The Prince and Timberance into the hands of every fairy tale lover.  🙂

Thank you for dreaming with us!



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