PHX Urban Expo 2012-Our First Event!

The PHX Ubran Expo, held on December 1st, 2012 was one of our first successes on this venture where we sold our first copy (and a number of copies thereafter) of The Prince and Timberance! We even had a customer ask for my mother to personally sign it! 🙂 Welcome to authorhood, Mom!

me wi book an expo sign

Yep, that’s my mother, Ramona Omer, author, holding a copy of The Prince and Timberance.

It was an amazing experience. This was the first time I witnessed my mother speaking to everyday people about the book, face-to-face. It is one thing to have a dream, and it is another thing entirely to be putting in the efforts to making the dream come true!


That’s my sister, Malika, and I, excited to be doing business at one of our first expos.

all 3 of us wi table shot at expo

Together, the three of us made an excellent team!

The table was a beauty, although the photo quality isn’t too sharp. We were so excited about the decorative book ends of African Royalty to display copies of our book.

We had our business cards ready to give out to patrons of the expo that told them of our website,, where they could buy copies of the book or read more about it.

The 2012 PHX Urban Expo was a wonderful opportunity for us; my mom as a new author, and our team to get the word out about our book! Local authors, businesses, and entrepreneurs came to this annual event to showcase what we do best-start from the ground up and connect with our community. I loved meeting with other movers and shakers in the Phoenix area.

We look forward to traveling to different states for opportunities similar to this, where we can interact with customers and believers in our vision. Hopefully one day we can come to your town!

If anyone out there knows of any expos or conventions where we would likely make an impact, please feel free to pass the info on. 🙂

Please feel free to visit where you can read more excerpts from The Prince and Timberance and purchase your very own copy of the African-American fairy tale. 

Thank you for dreaming with us!




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