Sneak Peek #2

Hello,  Timberance fans!! Hopefully by now you’ve placed your order for your own copy of The Prince and Timberance, especially after reading the beginning excerpt here.

As promised, here’s the next sneak peek. When the time comes for the old man to pass the ring on, he remembers the kind prince and decides to leave it to him. His youngest daughter, Eena, is angered that the powerful ring has slipped from her grasp, and here is where the pace of the story picks up….


Eena had what can only be described as a fit. “It should have been mine!” She screamed. She ranted and raved and smashed or threw nearly everything in her hut. She expected her father to leave the ring with her sister, Aaja. It would have been easy to take the ring from her. Taking it from the prince was another matter entirely. Now, Eena needed a plan–a very good plan.

Eena is one of the many standout characters our story, a villain whose raging temper and evil plans make for an exciting read. In getting to know Eena, we also meet her polar opposite sister, Aaja and we can see the special bond between sisters. There’s none like it on earth, and Aaja and Eena have quite a special relationship. Aaja and Eena are both daughters to a powerful sorcerers, and both are key players in this tale- but that’s where their similarities end.

While Aaja is a much kinder and gentler being, whose heart delights in the magic of everyday nature, Eena is driven by ambition that knows no bounds. She won’t let anyone in her way-not even the prince, who had no idea that owning the ring would change his life forever. Even Aaja’s pure heart won’t save him from the wrath of her sister.

Eena’s striking beauty and magical cunning are almost no match for the prince when she decides that he is the only obstacle in her way. And in true fairy tale fashion, an unforgettable villain is born.

The Prince and Timberance is a chapter book recommended for ages 8-12, but can be read aloud to children of all ages. Read more excerpts like this and order your copy of the book at

Thank you for dreaming with us!



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