“The Prince and Timberance” reading at the 2nd annual MBAZ Mother-Daughter Tea

Hello, Timberance fans!!! This past Saturday, February 9th, was another successful event for us here at Enchanted Roots!

We got to read excerpts and discuss our book in front of an audience nearing 200 at the second annual Miss Black Arizona Mother-Daughter Tea! Here’s a photo of me at the event (I was super excited about the backdrop).


*Michelle Obama-inspired kitten heels*

This was the first time I spoke in front of a live audience about our book, and our dream of sharing “The Prince and Timberance” with the world. I spoke about how this was a hallmark in our culture, and how for once it featured characters of color in their own original tale-“The Prince and Timberance” is not a remake or a rendition. It is an original work.

Many women came up to me after the talk to wish us well and tell me that what I said spoke to them. That truly made my day.

Aside from speaking at the event, we also set up a table where guests could purchase our book. We loved decorating the table especially for the tea, and my mother had the brilliant idea to add my porcelain doll to the display. The doll’s dress reminds us of the sort of clothes from Timberance’s era. She truly lit up our table (next to the books, of course 😉


*It was a day when the Arizona sun played peek-a-boo, and during this time, while we were set up by the large windows, it was a little shady*

We sold many copies of the book, making it our highest selling event so far-and it was only our second one! 🙂

The Miss Black Arizona Scholarship Foundation has done many wonderful things for the community. I once was a contestant in the 2010 Miss pageant, and ever since I have closely followed the organization because it truly touches my heart. It has given back to the community not only through it’s many scholarships (of which I have benefited)  but by the events it holds to bring us all together, like the Mother-Daughter tea.

A special thank you to the director, Jasmine Crowe, and to the assistant directors as well for having me.

We are hoping to book many more events in 2013. Please leave any suggestions of events that you think “The Prince and Timberance” would be welcomed at below!

Purchase your own copy of “The Prince and Timberance” and read more about us at Amazon!

Thank you for dreaming with us!


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