Myths Debunked about Fairy Tales pt. 1

Here at Enchanted Roots, we have one thing on the brain: getting “The Prince and Timberance” in the hands of anyone who believes in good literature, and representation in literature, at the same time.

It just so happened that one of our first contributions to the world of children’s literature came in the form of the fairy tale. Interestingly enough, though this is a widely accessible genre, it is one where many stigmas are in place, and The Prince and Timberance stands to benefit from debunking some of the myths that come with the territory.

Myth #1: Fairytales are outdated

Any look on a publisher’s or literary agent’s web site will let you know one thing-fairy tales are “outdated.”

But wait, then what’s all this about?






The famous Disney princesses can sell anything from band-aids to hours of playtime TODAY. Fairy tales are NOT outdated. They are embedded in today’s culture, and only have a risk of being “outdated” when new life isn’t allowed to be breathed into the genre.

With additions to the famous Disney lineup such as The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and Brave, this genre isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Other children’s hits like Rugrats, or Peanuts, or Looney Tunes may come and then see its way into nostalgia, but the characters of fairy tales (up to now monopolized by Disney) definitely take up stock on bookshelves, DVD shelves, AND toy shelves of children today, everywhere.

Myth #2: Men do the saving, while women are forever helpless.


Because many stories hold the prince responsible for saving the maiden or “damsel in distress” many people believe fairy tales promote the dependence of women on men.

While it is undeniably a pattern, even a genre like fairy tales have changed with the times. Take for recent examples, Disney’s Mulan and Brave.



Add to the list The Prince and Timberance. While our story holds true to many of the fan favorites a fairy tale includes, like a magical spell and true love, in our story, the heroic moment is due thanks to action on Timberance’s part. She actually saves the prince-in more ways than one.

Ours is a story of epic proportions, a dream we can’t shake, and a fairy tale that deserves to come to life not only in book form, but in film. It will be a hallmark for the genre of fairy tales, and a lovely addition to any child’s library.

I can’t wait to hear from more people who have read the story and hear their take on the new tale. What’s stopping you from ordering your copy?

Thanks for dreaming with us!




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