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Enchanted Roots at The 5th Annual PHX Urban Expo

We did it again! Enchanted Roots was able to host a table at the 5th Annual PHX Urban Expo! It was held this past Saturday, December 13th.

20141213_100852  mompicture

We were given a great spot on the floor, in the new venue of the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center (the expo was previously at the Phoenix Convention Center).




Our table was streamlined to just showcase our books, and the beautiful custom clay artwork that represented scenes from our book. My sister, Kiyauna Corrales, handmade each of the displays herself. She is truly talented! If you’re interested in having your own art work custom made, you can contact Kiyauna directly at


Above is a picture of the cottage that maiden Timberance lives in. Patrons really got a kick out of the chickens! The attention to detail was a real conversation starter. You’d be surprised how many people asked to hold the art!


And this is a scene of the entrance to the Prince’s kingdom. Kiyauna, the artist, took illustrations from the book and followed them to a T to bring them to life in 3D form. One of the visitors to our table commented that “The Prince and Timberance” seemed to really be a foundation for allowing a lot of talent from our family members to pour out. I agree!


My mother and I wore badges for the first time at this event. I thought this was a great conversation starter and served the patrons of this particular event well. As stated many times over on my blog, “The Prince and Timberance” really is a universal story that is enjoyed by all-no matter your background. BUT-there’s no denying that it holds special significance to the black boys and girls who are rarely the starring characters in children’s stories.


And last, but not least, Santa made an appearance. 🙂 Special thanks to Lanette Campbell for graciously allowing us to be apart of this event! Sales were GREAT this year and will really add to some of our efforts in 2015. In fact, December turned out to be great for sales online, too.

It was a pleasure to go to this event and share it with you.

Thanks for dreaming with us!




Best Moments of 2014

2014 saw many successes for spreading the word about “The Prince and Timberance!” It also saw our best year of sales online, to date.

We hope every children’s book lover can have their chance at reading our book and sharing it, and it’s impact, with everyone they love. See in you 2015!

Here are the best moments from 2014, in no particular order.

1. “The Prince and Timberance” made available on and!



2. How Does Your Brown Boy see himself? Featured on Brown Boy Genius


3. Why I Read to My Infant Son featured on


4. New Posters for marketing


5. Presenting the book to the SDFA Book Club