Reading at The Bennu Institute’s Kwanzaa Celebration

Happy New Year! Here at Enchanted Roots, we’ve found the holiday season to be our busiest time of the year, and with the New Year upon us, we want to just catch you up on our latest event.

We want to send a huge THANK YOU to Gershom Williams for inviting us to read at the Bennu Institute’s Kwanzaa celebration. Together with The East Valley Kwanzaa Committee, we had a wonderful time welcoming the Kwanzaa holiday, on the day of Kujichagulia which means self-determination.

Gershom Williams of The Bennu Institute

Gershom Williams of The Bennu Institute


I snapped a photo of the room and the agenda before the guests arrived. I was excited and proud to be on the agenda to speak about a topic I’m so passionate about! I actually was sick with a terrible head cold, but Kujichagulia was alive and well in me-I was determined to present this book to the patrons of the event.

Here is a photo of the Lighting the Kinara. Isn’t that boy adorable?


I can’t say thank you enough to Mr. Williams and everyone who was gathered there, as I’m certain the books are now in the hands of children that will truly relish in it’s storytelling, and be impacted by the story as well.

Thank you for dreaming with us!



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