Acting with Phoenix’s Black Youth Theatre Program

Shamirrah Hill, M.A., speaking to the class.

February 2017 brought a long-awaited dream to life. We got to actually see portions of “The Prince and Timberance” acted out!

Shamirrah Hill, director of  the Black Youth Theatre Program, teaches children cultural empowerment through acting classes. During her monthly acting class students were guided through structured improvisation to act out the beginning of the story.

The students were all incredibly creative and their differing personalities fell right into place with their respective characters-which they chose on the spot!

After much hard work the students each received a signed copy of The Prince and Timberance, from author Ramona Omer. A few cracked the book open on the spot to read while they waited for parents to pick them up. It was amazing to see children engage with the book and really have fun.


Students acting out the snake character.

Author Ramona Omer speaking to the class.

We thoroughly enjoyed introducing everyone to the book, speaking on its importance, and getting to laugh and see the talents of the students bring the story to life. Shamirrah let us know she loved the book as well, and we loved her class!

If you’re in the Phoenix area we highly recommend you consider seeing her students perform and enrolling your child in her class.

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