Who We Are

At a Glance

-Mother-daughter duo and creators of “The Prince and Timberance,” (TPAT for short) a self-published chapter book for young readers, now available on Amazon and BN.COM, as well as Barnes and Noble stores for special order.

-TPAT falls under the genre of “Fairy Tale” and we think is a return to traditional, imaginative storytelling. It is similar to tales like Peter Pan and Aladdin in that it appeals to both boys AND girls. It is intended for independent readers, ages 8-12, although many younger readers find it wonderful when read aloud.

-Not only is this a great story for all children, this book has special meaning for the under-represented black and African-American children in children’s books.

-This blog records the work of Najat, the literary agent and sole blogger, who aims to have the book catapulted into the national spotlight.

Contact Us For

-Promoting and featuring “The Prince and Timberance” in key bookstores, events, and on the web.

-Input on topics such as diversity in children’s books, the importance of diversity in media, and great storytelling.

-Expanding readership and supporting “The Prince and Timberance”

About the Author


Ramona Omer is married, the mother of five, and a grandmother of six. Ramona was born in Iowa and has spent most of her life in the Midwest. She now resides in Arizona and has written several books for children. The focus for now is on the marketing of The Prince and Timberance. When asked what was the inspiration behind The Prince and Timberance, she will tell you the seeds were planted long ago when she was a little girl, entranced by the wonder and magic of fairy tales she read in her local library as a young girl. She noticed the lack of any maiden or heroin that was described as she was-dark skinned, with hair that was coily-but that didn’t dampen her love for the genre. She had no idea that decades later, while raising her own daughters, she would be inspired to write the very kind of book she yearned to read as a child. The work was originally written in 1993, revised dozens of times, self-published in 2012 and is now available on Amazon.com.

About the Blogger


Najat Shamsid-Deen, the literary agent, is the author’s youngest daughter (the book also features her illustrations inside). She graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University where she earned her B.A. English, went on to obtain her teaching certificate, and taught Language Arts at the middle-school level. Over the years she has held various editorial positions with such companies as The Arizona Republic and Sortis Publishing. Najat has published reviews in the Journal on Adolescent and Adult Literature (JAAL) and also interviewed author Sharon G. Flake for the publication. Najat continues to work extensively on almost every aspect of the project The Prince and Timberance, and sees this as a stepping stone toward her ultimate career goals of becoming a literary agent and creative content developer for many clients. She is available for guest blogging. She is a wife and mother to her infant son, born in January 2014.

About the Company Enchanted Roots

In late 2012, it was decided that The Prince and Timberance should be made available to the public in a “now or never” manifesto, and was self-published. After bringing the book to life, the two started a business and the moniker Enchanted Roots was born. The name has great meaning. African-Americans have a unique cultural past where assimilating with the “new world” meant leaving behind their history. Imagine the many languages, stories and tales that were unable to be passed from generation to generation and were essentially lost.

There is a bitter-sweet beauty about reclaiming our roots as a culture, work that many cultures the world over have been inspired to do (and have done!) for generations. Stories like The Prince and Timberance impact the way we view ourselves and each other from a young age, and are a beautiful way to connect people from all backgrounds. Nothing unites or inspires like a good story.

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