This page will showcase Enchanted Roots team out and about doing what we do best-spreading the word about The Prince and Timberance!

12/27/14 The Bennu Institute and East Valley Kwanzaa Committee’s Kwanzaa Celebration

Happy New Year! Here at Enchanted Roots, we’ve found the holiday season to be our busiest time of the year, and with the New Year upon us, we want to just catch you up on our latest event.

We want to send a huge THANK YOU to Gershom Williams for inviting us to read at the Bennu Institute’s Kwanzaa celebration. Together with The East Valley Kwanzaa Committee, we had a wonderful time welcoming the Kwanzaa holiday, on the day of Kujichagulia which means self-determination.

Gershom Williams of The Bennu Institute


I snapped a photo of the room and the agenda before the guests arrived. I was excited and proud to be on the agenda to speak about a topic I’m so passionate about! I actually was sick with a terrible head cold, but Kujichagulia was alive and well in me-I was determined to present this book to the patrons of the event.

Here is a photo of the Lighting the Kinara. Isn’t that boy adorable?


I can’t say thank you enough to Mr. Williams and everyone who was gathered there, as I’m certain the books are now in the hands of children that will truly relish in it’s storytelling, and be impacted by the story as well.

Thank you for dreaming with us!



 12/13/14 5th Annual PHX Urban Expo

We did it again! Enchanted Roots was able to host a table at the 5th Annual PHX Urban Expo! It was held this past Saturday, December 13th.

20141213_100852 mompicture

We were given a great spot on the floor, in the new venue of the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center (the expo was previously at the Phoenix Convention Center).




Our table was streamlined to just showcase our books, and the beautiful custom clay artwork that represented scenes from our book. My sister, Kiyauna Corrales, handmade each of the displays herself. She is truly talented! If you’re interested in having your own art work custom made, you can contact Kiyauna directly at


Above is a picture of the cottage that maiden Timberance lives in. Patrons really got a kick out of the chickens! The attention to detail was a real conversation starter. You’d be surprised how many people asked to hold the art!


And this is a scene of the entrance to the Prince’s kingdom. Kiyauna, the artist, took illustrations from the book and followed them to a T to bring them to life in 3D form. One of the visitors to our table commented that “The Prince and Timberance” seemed to really be a foundation for allowing a lot of talent from our family members to pour out. I agree!


My mother and I wore badges for the first time at this event. I thought this was a great conversation starter and served the patrons of this particular event well. As stated many times over on my blog, “The Prince and Timberance” really is a universal story that is enjoyed by all-no matter your background. BUT-there’s no denying that it holds special significance to the black boys and girls who are rarely the starring characters in children’s stories.


And last, but not least, Santa made an appearance. 🙂 Special thanks to Lanette Campbell for graciously allowing us to be apart of this event! Sales were GREAT this year and will really add to some of our efforts in 2015. In fact, December turned out to be great for sales online, too.

It was a pleasure to go to this event and share it with you.

Thanks for dreaming with us!




9/9/14 1st SDFA Book Club Meeting

It was a pleasure presenting to the SDFA Book Club. We were so grateful for the opportunity! Over great Mexican food, we talked and connected members of the SDFA with the book.

Read more in my blog post here.


12/7/13 4th Annual PHX Urban Expo

This was our 2nd year at the Expo, and we were so grateful to be featured in the Authors’ Pavilion! We even recognized some familiar faces from last year. It’s starting to feel like a community among the patrons and vendors of the Expo!

Most exciting, this year we used our Square purchase reader, so buyers could use debit cards just by swiping through the Square on our cell phone! It made the purchasing process much smoother and we more than doubled our sales from last year!

While I don’t have pictures from the event, it was definitely a success and we look forward to coming again next year!

2/9/13 2nd Annual MBAZ Mother-Daughter Tea

Hello, Timberance fans!!! This past Saturday, February 9th, was another successful event for us here at Enchanted Roots!

We got to read excerpts and discuss our book in front of an audience nearing 200 at the second annual Miss Black Arizona Mother-Daughter Tea! Here’s a photo of me at the event (I was super excited about the backdrop).


*Michelle Obama-inspired kitten heels*

This was the first time I spoke in front of a live audience about our book, and our dream of sharing “The Prince and Timberance” with the world. I spoke about how this was a hallmark in our culture, and how for once it featured characters of color in their own original tale-“The Prince and Timberance” is not a remake or a rendition. It is an original work.

Many women came up to me after the talk to wish me well and tell me that what I said spoke to them. That truly made my day.

Aside from speaking at the event, we also set up a table where guests could purchase our book. We loved decorating the table especially for the tea, and my mother had the brilliant idea to add my porcelain doll to the display. The doll’s dress reminds us of the sort of clothes from Timberance’s era. She truly lit up our table (next to the books, of course 😉


*It was a day when the Arizona sun played peek-a-boo, and during this time, while we were set up by the large windows, it was a little shady*

We sold many copies of the book, making it our highest selling event so far-and it was only our second one! 🙂

The Miss Black Arizona Scholarship Foundation has done many wonderful things for the community. I once was a contestant in the 2010 Miss pageant, and ever since I have closely followed the organization because it truly touches my heart. It has given back to the community not only through it’s many scholarships (of which I have benefited)  but by the events it holds to bring us all together, like the Mother-Daughter tea.

A special thank you to the director, Jasmine Crowe, and to the assistant directors as well for having me.

We are hoping to book many more events in 2013. Please leave any suggestions of events that you think “The Prince and Timberance” would be welcomed at below!

Purchase your own copy of “The Prince and Timberance” and read more about us at

Thank you for dreaming with us!


2012 PHX Urban Expo Author’s Pavillion–Our First Event!

The PHX Ubran Expo, held on December 1st, 2012 was one of our first successes on this venture where we sold our first copy (and a number of copies thereafter) of The Prince and Timberance! We even had a customer ask for my mother to personally sign it! 🙂 Welcome to authorhood, Mom!

me wi book an expo sign

Yep, that’s my mother, Ramona Omer, author, holding a copy of The Prince and Timberance.

It was an amazing experience. This was the first time I witnessed my mother speaking to everyday people about the book, face-to-face. It is one thing to have a dream, and it is another thing entirely to be putting in the efforts to making the dream come true!


That’s my sister, Malika, and I, excited to be doing business at one of our first expos.

all 3 of us wi table shot at expo

Together, the three of us made an excellent team!

The table was a beauty, although the photo quality isn’t too sharp. We were so excited about the decorative book ends of African Royalty to display copies of our book.

We had our business cards ready to give out to patrons of the expo that told them of our website,, where they could buy copies of the book or read more about it.

The 2012 PHX Urban Expo was a wonderful opportunity for us; my mom as a new author, and our team to get the word out about our book! Local authors, businesses, and entrepreneurs came to this annual event to showcase what we do best-start from the ground up and connect with our community. I loved meeting with other movers and shakers in the Phoenix area.

To read more excerpts from the story visit our website:

We look forward to traveling opportunities, similar to this, where we can interact with customers and believers in our vision.

If anyone out there knows of any expos or conventions where we would likely make an impact, please feel free to pass the info on. 🙂

Thank you for dreaming with us!



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