Acting with Phoenix’s Black Youth Theatre Program

Shamirrah Hill, M.A., speaking to the class.

February 2017 brought a long-awaited dream to life. We got to actually see portions of “The Prince and Timberance” acted out!

Shamirrah Hill, director of  the Black Youth Theatre Program, teaches children cultural empowerment through acting classes. During her monthly acting class students were guided through structured improvisation to act out the beginning of the story.

The students were all incredibly creative and their differing personalities fell right into place with their respective characters-which they chose on the spot!

After much hard work the students each received a signed copy of The Prince and Timberance, from author Ramona Omer. A few cracked the book open on the spot to read while they waited for parents to pick them up. It was amazing to see children engage with the book and really have fun.


Students acting out the snake character.

Author Ramona Omer speaking to the class.

We thoroughly enjoyed introducing everyone to the book, speaking on its importance, and getting to laugh and see the talents of the students bring the story to life. Shamirrah let us know she loved the book as well, and we loved her class!

If you’re in the Phoenix area we highly recommend you consider seeing her students perform and enrolling your child in her class.

We’re In The News- “Local Author Pens Fairy Tale” published on YourWestValley.Com!

Hey all you “The Prince and Timberance” fans!

I’m excited to be back, if only briefly, to share that my mother was covered by our local newspaper. has done an article on her, which I had a great time assisting with. What a gift to not only write about an author you love, but your own mother as well!

I have hopes of seeing many more articles about her, “The Prince and Timberance,” and maybe even me! Haha.

More news soon-like our alternate book cover that’s now available on Amazon!!

Head on over to to read the story here.

Thank you for dreaming with us!



View Our Book Trailer for “The Prince and Timberance”!

Happy Monday! We are excited to share a book trailer that really does our book justice!

This trailer was put together and narrated by the talented Iris Huey, who is heavy into acting and directed movies right here in Phoenix, AZ!

It was an absolute pleasure and a gift to work with her. We are pleased to share this with the world so that it can really take note of the remarkable work, “The Prince and Timberance'”!

Thank you for dreaming with us!


Reading at The Bennu Institute’s Kwanzaa Celebration

Happy New Year! Here at Enchanted Roots, we’ve found the holiday season to be our busiest time of the year, and with the New Year upon us, we want to just catch you up on our latest event.

We want to send a huge THANK YOU to Gershom Williams for inviting us to read at the Bennu Institute’s Kwanzaa celebration. Together with The East Valley Kwanzaa Committee, we had a wonderful time welcoming the Kwanzaa holiday, on the day of Kujichagulia which means self-determination.

Gershom Williams of The Bennu Institute

Gershom Williams of The Bennu Institute


I snapped a photo of the room and the agenda before the guests arrived. I was excited and proud to be on the agenda to speak about a topic I’m so passionate about! I actually was sick with a terrible head cold, but Kujichagulia was alive and well in me-I was determined to present this book to the patrons of the event.

Here is a photo of the Lighting the Kinara. Isn’t that boy adorable?


I can’t say thank you enough to Mr. Williams and everyone who was gathered there, as I’m certain the books are now in the hands of children that will truly relish in it’s storytelling, and be impacted by the story as well.

Thank you for dreaming with us!



Enchanted Roots at The 5th Annual PHX Urban Expo

We did it again! Enchanted Roots was able to host a table at the 5th Annual PHX Urban Expo! It was held this past Saturday, December 13th.

20141213_100852  mompicture

We were given a great spot on the floor, in the new venue of the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center (the expo was previously at the Phoenix Convention Center).




Our table was streamlined to just showcase our books, and the beautiful custom clay artwork that represented scenes from our book. My sister, Kiyauna Corrales, handmade each of the displays herself. She is truly talented! If you’re interested in having your own art work custom made, you can contact Kiyauna directly at


Above is a picture of the cottage that maiden Timberance lives in. Patrons really got a kick out of the chickens! The attention to detail was a real conversation starter. You’d be surprised how many people asked to hold the art!


And this is a scene of the entrance to the Prince’s kingdom. Kiyauna, the artist, took illustrations from the book and followed them to a T to bring them to life in 3D form. One of the visitors to our table commented that “The Prince and Timberance” seemed to really be a foundation for allowing a lot of talent from our family members to pour out. I agree!


My mother and I wore badges for the first time at this event. I thought this was a great conversation starter and served the patrons of this particular event well. As stated many times over on my blog, “The Prince and Timberance” really is a universal story that is enjoyed by all-no matter your background. BUT-there’s no denying that it holds special significance to the black boys and girls who are rarely the starring characters in children’s stories.


And last, but not least, Santa made an appearance. 🙂 Special thanks to Lanette Campbell for graciously allowing us to be apart of this event! Sales were GREAT this year and will really add to some of our efforts in 2015. In fact, December turned out to be great for sales online, too.

It was a pleasure to go to this event and share it with you.

Thanks for dreaming with us!



Best Moments of 2014

2014 saw many successes for spreading the word about “The Prince and Timberance!” It also saw our best year of sales online, to date.

We hope every children’s book lover can have their chance at reading our book and sharing it, and it’s impact, with everyone they love. See in you 2015!

Here are the best moments from 2014, in no particular order.

1. “The Prince and Timberance” made available on and!



2. How Does Your Brown Boy see himself? Featured on Brown Boy Genius


3. Why I Read to My Infant Son featured on


4. New Posters for marketing


5. Presenting the book to the SDFA Book Club

September Highlight- Presenting to the Sun Devil Family Association Book Club!

I’m an alumni of Arizona State University AND of this integral and impactful group, the Sun Devil Family Association! A group of parent and family volunteers, together with scholarship alumni like myself, come together throughout the year to support amazing college students who are chasing after their dreams.

Through a huge scholarship fund, community involvement, and networking, the SDFA makes a huge impact on the culture of Sun Devils at Arizona State University.

I am grateful for an opportunity, through the program director, to have been able to join in on the SDFA’s first ever book club meeting! I shared “The Prince and Timberance” with members, and a little bit of how I journeyed on to promote the story after successfully graduating from ASU with help from the SDFA scholarship.

It was great that the members shared in my enthusiasm-congratulating us on our efforts to publish and promote the chapter book, and letting us know they really liked the book cover. Someone even decided to give the book as a gift to younger family members in an upcoming wedding! It will make a great gift for readers.

My dream of “The Prince and Timberance” would not be where it is today without the support of the Sun Devil Family Association.

Welcome to any SDFA members who are visiting my blog for the first time. Be sure to read about the story that is now on Amazon, and about us.

Thank you, SDFA Book Club, for being the first book club we’ve been invited to speak at. Let’s go, Sun Devils!

Thank you for dreaming with us!